PTSD Part II – Getting Help

Maybe someone you know or maybe you yourself has symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  What can you do to help?
  1. Seek help from a counseling professional
  2. Consult a psychiatrist to see if medications can help
  3. Receive early cognitive behavioral therapy
  4. Seek help from agencies for personal needs
  5. Actively seek out ways to help you relax such as visualization, meditation, relaxation techniques, yoga, etc.
  6. Get plenty of rest
  7. Avoid reading violent books or watching violent movies
  8. Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  9. Eat healthy foods
  10. Exercise
  11. Start a journal
  12. Share your feelings with a trusted family friend or relative
  13. Seek out a support group
  14. Find a place to worship
  15. Pray
  16. Make sure you live in a safe environment
  17. Surround yourself with people who love and support you
  18. Take a walk everyday
  19. Read a good book you’ve been wanting to read
  20. Try to stay positive
  21. Do something creative
  22. Try something new
  23. Volunteer
  24. Play
  25. Forgive yourself
  26. Make a toolbox of coping items
  27. Keep life as calm as possible
  28. Participate in relaxing activities
  29. Focus on strengths
  30. Join online discussion groups

If you are helping someone else:

  • Be a good listener
  • Be patient
  • Remind them of all the things that make them special
  • Be honest

Books about PTSD:

Helpful links:


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