Book Review: Talking to Depression



Talking to Depression: Simple Ways to Connect When Someone In Your Life is Depressed:

Author: Claudia J. Strauss
NAL Trade Publisher 2004
224 Pages     ♥♥♥♥♥

Book Description:
When someone suffers from depression, friends and family members naturally want to help but to often their good intentions come out all wrong. This practical, compassionate guide helps readers understand exactly what their loved one is going through, and why certain approaches help and others have the potential to do damage. Talking to Depression offers specific advice on what to do and what not to do—and what to say and what not to say—to avoid frustration and give the kind of caring, effective support that will make a difference.

My thoughts:
This is a very helpful book. I bought it to help a friend, but it was helpful to myself. It includes things to say and not say to someone with depression and gives advice on how to care for someone going through depression along with the therapist and psychiatrist. There’s a section on suicide prevention and a section for children and teens. It also included ideas for some activities to do. I loved this book, it’s easy to read and I’m going to read it again. It’s available in both kindle and paperback formats.

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