Book Review – Isabel’s Bed

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Isabel’s Bed by Elinor Lipman ♥♥♥

Published by Washington Square Press, reprint 2010

400 pages

Formats: Hardback, paperback, kindle, audio

From the book jacket:

When Harriet Mahoney first saw it, Isabel Krug’s bed was covered in sheared sheep and littered with celebrity biographies.  The unpublished, fortyish and recently jilted Harriet had fled wintry Manhattan in reponse to a mysterious ad in The New York Review of Books:                    “Book in Progress? Why  not share my Cape Cod retreat? Room and Peaceful-your life will be your own.”

My thoughts: I  liked this book from the beginning and it just kept getting better. Lots of twists. Easy to read. I fell in love with all the main characters. Full of eccentric personalities including the eccentric house in Truro.  Great book for those aspiring  to be a writer. I read the hard copy there are other editions available.

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