top ten popular authors I’ve never read

The Broke and the Bookish started this weeks list of “top ten popular authors I’ve never read”. As I hang my head in shame,  I confess to never having read these authors.

24280  Victor Hugo. I will conquer this monster some day.
148874  Jennifer Chiaverini. I have never read any of her quilt novels and there are                              13.
Missing You by Harlan Coben   Harlan Coben

71776 (1)
Jan Karon. I actually just bought this one and hope to start the series                                        soon!@#?
5890  Wilkie Collins. I have the Women in White on my kindle.
215679  Penny Vincenzi
Karen Kingsbury  Karen Kingsbury.  I have heard so many good things about this Christian                                 author but just haven’t got around to it yet.
12581138 Alan Brennert. Want to read Moloka’i and also his Honolulu.
140963  Willa Cather.  It’s on my kindle.
7187395 Richard Paul Evans.  I haven’t invested in the box of tissues they say I’ll need                           when I read his books.

How about you? What top ten authors have you never read? Which one should I start with?


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