The Wellness Toolbox

Wellness ToolboxIt’s been a particularly depressing morning.  Mornings seem to be the most difficult time of day for me. Yesterday I had group therapy, dealt with a poor sick Shih Tzu who got into the raspberry pie and helped a relative dealing with her own depression. I don’t know what triggered my depression this morning, maybe it’s a carry over from the events of yesterday. Anyway, I think it’s time to get out my wellness toolbox. A wellness toolbox is a plan of action designed by the creator of the WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) program, Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD. It is made up on things you can use to help you get over your symptoms; things that you love and make you feel better. They can include things that give you a lift like chatting with a friend or listening to some good music.  Here’s some things I have in my toolbox:

  • reading a good book
  • I keep a list of friends I can call
  • journaling
  • listening to favorite music
  • I have a bottle of bubbles to blow
  • a favorite crossword puzzle book
  • mindful meditation
  • grooming my Shih Tzu
  • go for a walk
  • color (it’s not just for kids)
  • exercise to some fun music
  • make lists
  • I invested in a Nintendo DS and play games
  • I also invested in the Sims3 games
  • watch a funny movie
  • cook a new recipe
  • make Iced Peach tea, here’s my recipe:

2 black tea bags
2 peach tea bags
1/4 c. lemon juice
3 Tbsp peach syrup
3/4 c. stevia sweetener
2 qts. water


Do you have a mental health toolbox? What are some of the things you have in it?

Books by Mary Ellen Copeland:


4 thoughts on “The Wellness Toolbox

  1. I just finished my WRAP 2 weeks ago. I have some similar wellness tools in my own Wellness Toolbox. Others I included are:
    Sit infront of our aquarium and watch the koi swim and talk to them.
    Collect free local magazines, read the articles and cut out the interesting pictures.
    Go to the Dollar store and have a mini splurge. (Under $20 dollars)
    Go online and plan imaginary vacations or pin recipes.
    Post free local events and plan to go to them. (sometimes I actually do visit them.)
    Go to online shopping stores and put articles in my cart but don’t pay for them. If it’s Amazon I put items in my “Wish List”.
    Rearrange a small area in my bedroom.
    Put Nadina’s Creme on my arms scented Mountain Rain for a cheap aroma therapy session.
    Rub my face, cheeks, forehead and jaws to feel a little more awake.
    Read the cards.
    Pet the cats for a little while if they let me.

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