Friday Finds for March 28, 2014

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Louisa Catherine: The Other Mrs. Adams by Margery M. Heffron and David L. Michelmore.
The biography of the wife of John Quincy-Adams, the sixth president of the United States, draws upon her journals, essays ,letters and other writings.

Once Upon a Road Trip by Angela N. Blount.
Angeli is eighteen and feels she doesn’t “fit in.” She decides to go on a two month road trip.
This is a true story with a genuine look at life, love, faith and adventure.

Warrior in Pink: A Story of Cancer, Community, and the God Who Comforts by Vivian Mabuni.
The author’s memoirs about her diagnosis, surgery and treatment of breast cancer and the loving friends, family and God who supported her.

Dog Days in the Fortunate Islands: A new life in hidden Tenerife by John Searancke.
John and Sally with their dog, Freddie, relocate to the island of Tenerife. This is a series of
adventures added with a colorful collection of characters that  will keep you laughing.

Between Us Girls by Sally John.
After a tornado demolished Jasmyn Albright’s farmhouse, she decides to head west to start all over. She eventually finds herself the newest resident of the Casa de Vida, eleven quaint bungalows located three blocks from the Pacific Ocean in tiny Seaside Village, California.


Fridays Finds is in conjunction with Should Be Reading. It’s a collection of books you found this past week and added to your TBR file.


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