Sick Puppy, Mental Health and Books


This has been an off week. I’ve had a sick puppy, he just wants to be cuddled. Sorry to hear The Snuggly Orange is taking a hiatus, but a girl’s go to do what a girl’s got to do. I haven’t blogged much this week. I need to blog about mental health. I don’t want to ignore that topic because I think it’s very important that more people are aware of it. I subscribe to Therese J. Borchard’s mental health blog and I have a couple of her books: Beyond Blue and The Pocket Therapist Both are very good books.

I have been very busy reading. Actually I’m probably reading too many books at one time. This is what I’m currently reading:

8442457 (1)2013359717283613 (1)16255399 (1)

And these books are waiting on me from Net Galley

dog days2026291318143789 (1)1837328918668346

What do your stacks look like?

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