Top Ten Books If You Liked “Lost”



This week’s meme from the Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Books if You Liked…

I did mine a little differently. I’m a Lost addict. And it’s just about time to get my fix.There are
about 70 books that inspired the show including Carrie, Our Mutual Friend, and the Bible. The all ten likes that I have listed are the most like the tv show Lost. I had a little help from the DVD of extras in Season Three. It’s called The Book Club and it’s all the books seen in Lost.

 lord of the flies

1. Lord of the Flies by William Golding – This is the obvious one. A group of boys standed on a desert island. The boys breaks into two different groups. There is a mysterious monster on the island.

watership down

2. Watership Down by Richard Adams – a community struggles to exist.


3. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz  by Frank Baum – Dorothy, like the characters in lost, ends up in a strange place and just wants to get home. Lost even used the name Henry Gale who lands on the island in a hot air balloon. There is an episode called “The Man Behind the Iron Curtain, a reference to the Wizard of Oz and Ben.

alice in wonderland

4. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – Alice goes to a land where nothing seems like it is. There is a white rabbit and there are several white bunnies in Lost.

the fountainhead

5. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand- like the main character in The Fountainhead, Howard Roark, Sawyer is a rebel against the status culture and is a loner.

Catch 22

6. Catch 22 by Joseph Heller – There is actually an episode in Season 3 called “Catch 22.” Like Catch 22, Lost uses contrasting points of view and flashbacks.

slaughterhouse five

7. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Nonnecut- The idea of time travel and becoming “unstuck” in time.

deep river

8. Deep River by Shusaku Endo – Tale of a group of Japanese tourists wrestling with his or her own demons. This book had a great influence on the ending of Lost.

Stephen King influenced a lot of Lost’s scripts. Just to name a few:

dark tower 149267

9. The Dark Tower – There is a man in black.

10. The Stand – The struggle between good and evil. Most of the people die except for a small group.


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