Top Nine Things I Like or Dislike on Book Covers


This weeks theme courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish is Top Nine Things I Like or Dislike on Book Covers.

The Things I don’t like:

1. Just the Title.  It irks me when I see creative personnel not experimenting with their creativity and just smack the name of the book on the cover.

2. Book covers with the a girl in a ballroom gown.  There are so many of them and I think are these books all alike too? I think this technique is overdue to disappear.

3. Erotica. Yuck! Get a room!

4. A Pet on the Cover and the dog is seen only once or twice in the book.

Trends I Like:


1. Books. I’m a sucker for books with pictures of books or cozy bookstores on the cover.

distant hour

2. Love landscapes.


3. If the cover has a dog on it, I’m going to buy it. Can’t help it, I just love dogs. But if the dog’s not a character I may get very upset and never buy that author’s books again.

4.Charming houses on the cover intice me.


5. Books with food on the cover.  But there better be good recipes inside.


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