Kokopelli’s Thunder – Book Review



Kokopelli’s Thunder
Author: Sean M. Cordry
Publication: February, 2014
320 pages
Action and Adventure, Cultural Fiction
Minor Sexual Content
Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback


From the back cover:

It is 1938 in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon as Zed Moonhawk helps train a group of Civilian Conservation Corpsmen who are excavating and rebuilding Anasazi ruins. Moonhawk is exceptionally skilled at his masonry work–as well he should be. After all, he was there when the massive structures were erected eight hundred years earlier. Zed Moonhawk is the legendary figure known as Kokopelli.

Cursed with eternal life, Zed and his twelve-year-old son, Turq, are the last of the Anasazi. For centuries, their people dominated the southwestern landscape with the help of the last pteradons on the planet–until the evil Mayan witch Rooshth appeared and virtually erased the Ancient Ones from history. But now she is back and still obsessed with the powerful magic embodied in a sacred Anasazi stone tablet. Rooshth wants to raise her son from the dead, a dark desire that refuels the final battle in a centuries-old war between Zed and Rooshth.

My thoughts:

In reading Kokopelli’s Thunder by Sean M. Cordry, I reached out of my comfort zone to read something like Carlos Castaneda’s books, but totally primitive and out of this world. I was exhausted from all the supernatural warfare. I liked the way he told the story using two different timelines.The characters are compelling and very strong. The suspenseful plot was a page turner.The story was well written. My favorite character was a secondary character named Frankie. I loved to hate the evil witch Rooshth/Ruth.

I did notice that a couple times the characters used expressions coined in a later time period, but I overlooked that because I was so happy not to have to overlook foul language.Recommended for action/adventure fans and for those who just want something different.
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest and fair review.




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