The Angelmen Series – Book Reviews for Books I and II


This is a fast-paced action filled series that is great for both Young Adult readers and Adults.
They read very quickly and remind me of the Frank Peretti Present Darkness series.

I was given copies of these books from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Description of Angelmen series from back of cover:

Someone will have to die.

Life must be relinquished for the salvation of another. So, someone will die. In the human world,
it has already been done. But the race of the Nephilim has a different war to fight. And their
sacrifice has yet to be given. It will be one of the four.

Amity of the Angelmen
Author: T.C. Slonaker
Publication: Martin Sisters Publishing LLC, 2012
242 pages
Christian thriller
Kindle, Paperback


Description from back cover:

Amity David is not human, as the seventeen-year-old pastor’s daughter had thought she was. Her life has now been upturned and possibly set aright with the help of Mackenzie Abel, a young priest as conflicted about his calling as Amity is about hers. Blindly searching for answers together that will serve God’s intent, the two also struggle against feelings they have developed for one another. Can Amity trust the alleged angel who presented her with her life-altering revelation?
Part of her hopes not because, if true, it means she is being called to help free her kin from the
ties of her purely evil heritage through war. What happens when a being created out of evil, is
called to fight on the side of good? And what if this evil being thinks she is a good person, only
to find she is not even a person at all?

My thoughts:

I thought the author did a great job of developing the characters. The chemistry between Amity and Mackenzie Abel was awesome. The plot was thoughtfully developed. I loved the dialogue, Slonaker made it seem so real.
Asher of the Angelmen (The Angelmen Series Book 2)
Author: T.C. Slonaker
Publication: Martin Sisters Publishing LLC, February 2014
170 pages
Christian thriller
Kindle, Paperback


Description from back cover:

Every girl at Hanover High wants a piece of the track star, Asher Andrews. The colleges are after him, too, to further his football career. His world couldn’t be better until Angela comes in to
change everything. Presented with a mission and a new identity from his angel, Asher finds he must leave his hometown, and his life will not return to the college track he expected.
Asher of the Angelmen is the second paraquel in the Angelmen series. Four angelmen will be brought together to take up their roles as leaders in The Battle of the Angelmen. (Book 5)

My thoughts:

I accidentally read this one first. It’s my favorite. Slonaker does an excellent job of growing
Asher, and as he grew, I grew more to liking him. The dialogue is very good in this one, also. I
couldn’t put the book down.



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