Instant Frontier Family (Frontier Bachelors) by Regina Scott

instant frontier family

Instant Frontier Family (Frontier Bachelors)
Author: Regina Scott
Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired Historicals
288 pages
Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Romance


Description from Goodreads:

Maddie O’Rourke’s orphaned half brother and half sister have arrived safely in Seattle—with a man they hope she’ll wed! Though Michael Haggerty’s not the escort she planned for, Maddie allows him to work off his passage by assisting in her bakery…and helping care for her siblings. But she’ll never risk her newfound independence by marrying the strapping Irishman—or anyone else.

My thoughts:

This has all the elements of a book I could really like. I love romances when they are combined with historical information. However, I couldn’t get into the characters. I loved Michael Haggerty but Maddie O’Rourke was hard to get to know. If I couldn’t know her, I couldn’t like her. The cover is awesome and looks like a lovable frontier family, but I wasn’t convinced by reading the book. The plot was interesting and getting to know Michael Haggerty was worth the read and I will read other books in this series featuring frontier bachelors.

About the Author:

regina scott

Regina Scott

Website / Goodreads / Facebook



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