50 Bookish Things You Must Do Before You Die

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  1. Read Les Miserables
  2. Read 52 books in a year
  3. Read 50+ classics
  4. Visit author/book locations (homes, parks, etc.)
  5. Do 10 new activities inspired by books
  6. Go to a book blogging conference
  7. Review 24 books in a year – 8 of 24 so far
  8. Have 500 followers on my blog
  9. Add another bookcase
  10. Read all the Anne of Green Gable books
  11. Read George RR. Martins Fire and Ice Series
  12. Write a short story
  13. Host an in-person book club
  14. Meet 10 authors
  15. Make blog bookmarks
  16. Consistently volunteer or work at a bookstore or library
  17. Work a Friends of the Library sale
  18. Guest post for a big deal book website or magazine
  19. Edit a published book
  20. Write thank you notes to authors whose books make a difference
  21. Write a personal historyRead a book about every U.S. President
  22. 20 DIY bookish (& sophisticated) crafts
  23. Have a review posted/published by a national publication/website
  24. Be asked by Amazon to be a Vine member
  25. Be invited as a guest speaker for a blog/book-related conference
  26. Make enough money from blog to break even with blog costs
  27. Get 1,000 books donated to a cause
  28. Participate in online author discussions
  29. Plan a trip to meet other book bloggers
  30. Read the top most banned books
  31. Own a first edition classic
  32. Order business cards with my personal email
  33. Have a stamped book in 10+ countries
  34. Participate in as many blogging events (Bloggiesta, read-a-thons, YoRWtFIW, etc) as I can
  35. Go inside the reading room at the Library of CongressMake a deeper, personal connection with an author
  36. Make a deeper, personal connection with an author
  37. Read 25 Greatest Classic Christian books
  38. Visit as many libraries as I can in as many cities as I can
  39. Read a book in another language (besides English)
  40. Read 10 books of poetry
  41. Read 10 books of short stories
  42. Write a children’s book
  43. Fill my wall of bookshelves with books
  44. Keep my Goodreads To Read list up to date and accurate
  45. Record videos of childrens books being read aloud for the internet
  46. Give out ALL business cards
  47. Volunteer more than once for Librivox
  48. Create my own blogging event (like Bloggiesta, read-a-thon, YoRWtFIW)
  49. Read 10+ graphic novels (aka comic books, husband’s choice)
  50. Host a book swap party

Read more: http://loveatfirstbook.com/50bookishthings/#ixzz2xYcd5vMw


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