Top Ten Tuesdays and other stuff

I’ve been busy working on pages to my blog so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve done.

There’s the two give-aways going on  until March 31. One is for Follies Past and the other one is for The Terrorist’s Daughters.

I’ve added a couple challenges: The Classics Challenge and The Apocalyptic and Dystopian Challenge.

I’m reading two books to review: Beggars or Angels: How a Single Mother Triumphed Over War, Welfare and Cancer to Become a Successful Philanthropist by Rosemary Tran Lauer

Beggars or Angels



and Louisa Catherine: The Other Mrs. Adams by Margery M Heffron and David L. Michelmore.



April’s New Releases are now posted under New Releases.


It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday a meme from The Broke and the Bookish.  This weeks theme is Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List.


Read Les Meserables

Read 52 books this year

Review 24 books this year

Have 500 followers on my blog

Add another bookcase

Read all the Anne of Green Gable novels

Read George Martin’s Game of Thrones series

Meet an author

Write a short story

Finish reading Hawaii by James Michener. I’m about half way through it.


Book Review – Follies Past


Title: Follies Past: A Prequel to Pride and Prejudice
Author: Melanie Kerr
Publication Info: Petticoat Press; November, 2013
Genre: Regency Romance
Format: Paperback, Kindle
My Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥

Book description from
“I must now mention a circumstance which I would wish to forget myself, and which no obligation less than the present should induce me to unfold to any human being…”
So begins Mr. Darcy to lay before Elizabeth his faithful narrative of Mr. Wickham’s villainy toward his sister, Georgiana. The facts he sets out are brief but potent. They contain a story unto themselves, and that story is the subject of this book.
Taking its facts from Austen’s own words, Follies Past opens almost a year before the opening of Pride and Prejudice itself, at Pemberley, at Christmas. Fourteen-year-oldGeorgiana has just been taken from school and is preparing to transfer to London in the spring. It follows Georgiana to London, to Ramsgate and into the arms of the charming and infamous Mr. Wickham.

To read this book is to step back into the charming world of Jane Austen’s England, to pass a few more hours with some of her beloved characters, sympathetically portrayed as they might have been before ever they came to Netherfield, and to discover a host of new characters each with engaging histories of their own. Authentic in its use of language and meticulously researched, it is a truly diverting entertainment.

My thoughts:

From the first two paragraphs it was clear to me that I was to become a captive audience.

The language was beautiful and very similar to Austens. It was a fast read and what a delightful fast read. Darcy, Lord Ashwell, as well as Caroline Bingley with her exuberant ego and hilarious schemes make appearances in this novel.

I fell in love with the character of Clare, for she was a reader. I loved the way the author included titles of books that were popular during that time. The research was remarkably on target.

The romance between Clare and Lord Ashwell gave the book the period romance it needed and all the characters were well-developed. As to Wickham and Mrs. Younge I say “shame on you.”

As I neared the end, I was sad to be leaving the cast of Folly, but then I remembered. I could read Pride and Prejudice again.

Love You Monday

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

I love Mondays.  It gives me a chance to look where I’ve been and contemplate where I’m going.  I made a list last week of40 reads like The Hunger Games and Divergent Series. I joined the Blogs for Mental Health and posted The Wellness Toolbox which are aids in helping a person going through a depressive episode.

I joined a new challenge:2014 European Reading Challenge.  I hope to read five books that take place in European countries.

I read Follies Past: A Prequel to Pride and Prejudice.  I hope to post a review of that book soon.

I’m reading several novels again:

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And I bought these books:


Well, I’m off to make some no-bake cookies

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