The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

mthe passenger

The Passenger
Author: Liza Lutz
Publisher: Simon and Schuster, March 1, 2016
320 pages
Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audio
Mytery, Thriller, Suspense
Some Adult Language and Sexual Content



Description from Goodreads:

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Spellman Files series, Lisa Lutz’s latest blistering thriller is about a woman who creates and sheds new identities as she crisscrosses the country to escape her past: you’ll want to buckle up for the ride! (more description here)

My thoughts:

I’m glad I picked up this psychological thriller. It was a rip-roaring road trip.The more I
read, the more momentum the story had. The story line was carefully constructed with short
chapters kept it fast paced. The characters were well developed and likeable. I particularly
liked the character of Andrew and wouldn’t mind seeing Blue again in another book. Thank you
Lisa Lutz for sidelining The Spellmans for awhile and giving us this tour de force.

A copy of this book was given to me by Simon & Schuster through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author:

lisa lutz

Lisa  Lutz

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Paw and Order – Book Review

paw and order

Paw and Order: A Chet and Bernie Mystery #7
Author: Spencer Quinn
Publication: Atria Books, August, 2014
320 pages
Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback
Genre: Mystery
Content: Some violence. I don’t recall any foul language. I guess dogs have better control of the
English language than some people.


Description from NetGalley:

In the seventh book in the brilliant New York Times bestselling mystery series, canine narrator Chet and P.I. Bernie journey to Washington, DC, and the dog-eat-dog world of our nation’s capital.

Stephen King has called Chet “a canine Sam Spade full of joie de vivre.” Robert B. Parker dubbed Spencer Quinn’s writing “major league prose.” Now the beloved team returns in another suspenseful novel that finds Chet sniffing around the capital city and using his street smarts to uncover a devilish plot.

Chet and Bernie pay a visit to Bernie’s girlfriend, Suzie Sanchez, a crack reporter living in far-off Washington, DC. She’s working on a big story she can’t talk about, but when her source, a mysterious Brit with possible intelligence connections, runs into trouble of the worst kind, Bernie suddenly finds himself under arrest.

Meanwhile Chet gets to know a powerful DC operative who may or may not have the goods on an ambitious politician. Soon Chet and Bernie are sucked into an international conspiracy, battling unfamiliar forces under the blinking red eyes of a strange bird that Chet notices from the get-go but seems to have slipped by everybody else. Most menacing of all is Barnum, a guinea pig with the fate of the nation in his tiny paws.

As Harry Truman famously quipped, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Too bad he didn’t get to meet Chet!

My thoughts:

Although Paw and Order is number seven in the Chet and Bernie series, ( I like it that the dog gets
top billing), this is the first time I’ve read any of the books. It started out great, full of energy, loving Chet’s witty narrative. The plot was predictable but I didn’t care I was having fun reading this dog’s dialogue. It was a speedy consistent read. Then the wall hit around 70% into the book. I lost interest, the energy was gone and the author didn’t care too much about Bernie’s girlfriend, the lovely Susie Sanchez.
Although the book had a poor ending I’m willing to give Chet and Bernie another chance. The
author couldn’t have got to number seven without some fantastic reads in either 1,2,3,4,5, or 6. It
didn’t hurt that I fell in love with Chet, too.

This book was given to me by Atria Books through Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

About the Author:



Spencer Quinn is a pseudonym for the American mystery writer Peter Abrahams. He has won awards for his children’s mysteries: Edgar Award for Best Young Adult and Agatha Award for Best Children/Young Adult Fiction. He lives on Cape Cod with his dogs Audrey and Pearl.

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Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark – Book Review

I am running my own personal Marcia Clark marathon. She has written four mysteries featuring Rachel Knight, a Los Angeles DA and I have received all four books from Mulholland through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and fair review. The fourth book, The Competition comes out tomorrow, July 8.


Guilt by Association (A Rachel Knight Novel)
Author: Marcia Clark
Publication:Mulholland Books, April, 2011
373 Pages
Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audio
Legal Thriller
Content: Rape is one of the crimes in the book but it is not acted out. Very little foul language. Some violence because it’s a thriller. What do you expect?


Book Description from Amazon:

Los Angeles D.A. Rachel Knight is a tenacious, wise-cracking, and fiercely intelligent prosecutor in the city’s most elite division. When her colleague, Jake, is found dead at a grisly crime scene, Rachel is shaken to the core. She must take over his toughest case: the assault of a young woman from a prominent family.

But she can’t stop herself from digging deeper into Jake’s death, a decision that exposes a world of power and violence and will have her risking her reputation–and her life–to find the truth.

With her tremendous expertise in the nuances of L.A. courts and crime, and with a vibrant ensemble cast of characters, Marcia Clark combines intimate detail, riotous humor, and visceral action in a debut thriller that marks the launch of a major new figure on the crime-writing scene.

My thoughts:

I love mystery and suspense, but when I heard Marcia Clark was writing in that genre I thought, oh well, another attorney that thinks because she knows the business, she can write about it. Guess what, she can write about it and she does it extremely well. Instead of filthy language and steamy sex scenes, Clark presents her book with wit, humor, romance and a collection of colorful characters. I actually improved my vocabulary. There is so much action going on all the time, a type A personality would be in heaven. I was entranced by the descriptions of the restaurant scenes. I’m hoping some of the characters make it to her other books. I’m usually able to figure out the ending, but I wasn’t able to with this book. I think I have a new hero author. I would recommend this book and can’t wait to read the other three.

About the author:



Marcia Clark began practicing law as a criminal defense attorney. She became a prosecutor in the L.A. District Attorney’s Office in 1981, and spent ten years in the Special Trials Unit where she handled a number of high profile cases prior to the O.J. Simpson case, including the prosecution of stalker/murderer Robert Bardo, whose conviction for the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer resulted in legislation that offered victims better protection from stalkers as well as increased punishment for the offenders.

Marcia has published three novels which feature Los Angeles Special Trials prosecutor Rachel Knight: Guilt by AssociationGuilt by Degrees, and Killer Ambition. TNT has optioned the books and a drama series is currently in development. Marcia is attached as an executive producer. Her fourth novel, The Competition will be out on July 8, 2014.

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